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There many reasons why TBA is your best Canadian high school choice. Here are some of them:


Great locations

Our campuse is located in central areas in the city, so students can use public transit to commute to school as well as participate in events in the community.

Ontario Second School Diploma

TBA is a certified Canadian high school, which means once you graduate you will be able to apply for universities in Canada and around the world with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).


Supportive Learning

TBA team of teachers are Ontario certified and they are experts in working with international students. Our teachers prepare students to succeed in their studies at university and college. Our faculty is also nurturing, encouraging, and specialized in making students progress in their academic lives and feel comfortable using English.

Specialized Programs

TBA team will prepare a study plan for you, so you know what courses you need to take in order to apply for your desired university or college program.


ESL programs

If you don’t feel confident about your English proficiency, don’t worry!

We got your back!

TBA offers ESL courses for students to achieve fluency in English while they learn about Canada and its culture.

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