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Why choose
a TBA Homestay or Residence?



Toronto Berkshire Academy has its own accommodation system. Students have two options for accommodation: homestay or student residence, which helps students feel comfortable and safe in the Canadian society. It is a perfect option for students who are away from home.



TBA Homestay

TBA homestay specialist monitors and inspects each home to provide good quality and safety. There are several benefits of living at a TBA homestay. A host family supports and ensures students can concentrate on their school life and accomplish successful academic results. In addition, students experience Canadian culture such as the Canadian food, the lifestyle of a Canadian family and they can improve their English skills.

To apply for TBA Homestay, students must fill out and submit the Homestay Application Form through their TBA counsellor to arrange a suitable homestay.

TBA Residence

TBA is partnered with Parkside Student Residence, as well as a residence of our own to provide students with a safe resident environment. The Parkside residence provides private 2 bedroom plus 1-bathroom apartments and great amenities that students can enjoy. TBA Residence is a more home-like space with a TBA residence don onsite to provide care and enforce the well-being of the students. All TBA residence rooms are fully furnished with a single bed, dresser, desk, and chair.

To apply for TBA Residence, please contact TBA accommodation specialist or send an email at

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